# Products Sold - 66 $ Currently Set Aside - $13.11 $ Distributed - $280 MINIMUM 50% of Net Profits Distributed to Assist Front Line Workers


I've seen a lot in my 60+ years on this planet but this is off the charts.  Like most, if not all of you, I daily play "Wheel of Emotion". Most days there is many a spin. For me, the wheel lands on the occasional anxious.  But mostly it continues to stop at concerned.

I am obviously concerned for anyone who has contracted the coronavirus. The numbers are going to get very large and I try to do my best to stay level and try not to become immobilized by our new reality.  There is simply too much need. Everywhere.  Personally, my heart deeply aches for all those on the front lines of this devastating medical emergency and am laser focused on helping our front line workers in any way possible.

The mission here is two fold and connected.

The first is to Assist; provide some help for those workers in need as quickly as possible.

The second is to Educate; people across the globe need to know that (R Naught) R0 is a crucial value.  Furthermore, how this virus responds is entirely up to our own individual choices and decisions.

As more people become aware of these values they might begin to commit or recommit to stay at home directives.  If more and more individuals start to seriously follow ALL the guidelines; we just might begin to alleviate the massive strain on our front line heroes, minimize the upcoming waves of infections, and save more lives in the process.

We have priced our R Naught (Are Not) products competitively with other T-Shirt and Accessory companies – but what makes us DIFFERENT is that we also have set aside a MINIMUM of 50% of our net profits that will go to providing assistance to healthcare workers, first responders and others on the front lines.

At this point we are looking at a range of avenues to get much needed resources to those that need them. As you can imagine there are a host of legal, tax and other implications to address.  But we will deal with them in time – the key for us is to promote, and, whatever its level of “acceptance”, get those resources out to those that need them as QUICKLY as possible.