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What is R Naught?

DISCLAIMER – I am not a medical professional however I have done my research and encourage you to do yours.


What is R Naught?

It is a mathematical symbol displayed as R0.

For non-math types – PLEASE STAY FOCUSED!

It is used by epidemiologists (public health professionals including researchers, scientists and doctors – aka Really Smart People) who investigate causes of disease and injury to people.  Do we want them on our team?  Yes we do.

This symbol is also called the “reproduction number” – OR how many other people you can infect.

This is not an easy thing to pin down.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Imagine having way too many questions and not enough answers in a rapidly changing environment; and each decision has LIFE or DEATH consequences.

But one thing I believe they DO KNOW is that in the name of Public Health – any decision regarding relaxing state orders needs to be done with CAUTION.


When R0 is trending DOWN everyone’s efforts and sacrifices are WORKING!!